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Shower Head Suction Holder

Shower Head Suction Holder

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  • Easy Installation: The shower cup holder features a powerful suction cup that can be effortlessly installed within seconds without the need for any tools. The suction hook can be easily installed and removed without causing damage to the wall. Simply ensure a completely smooth surface, then press the suction cup onto the wall.

  • Quality Material: Constructed from premium silicone, this shower head holder exhibits durability, lightweight characteristics, and is both waterproof and detachable. It can be washed and reused, effectively preventing dust buildup and ensuring a comfortable grip that is easy to clean.

  • Design Features: Specifically designed to lower the shower head, this holder is perfect for situations where reaching the shower is a challenge. It can be easily installed on the shower head, offering flexibility to fix it on various surfaces such as walls, bathtubs, mirrors, and more, and can be effortlessly repositioned within seconds.

  • Wide Compatibility: This silicone shower bracket is compatible with most shower heads with a diameter of 25 mm / 0.98 inches. Having this suction cup shower head holder allows you to enjoy a comfortable bathing experience and provides convenience for washing your hair or cleaning your pets.

  • Colors Available: White or Grey
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